Bob Yeager“No Apologies Online and Offline Marketing Strategies.”

In 1995, at the age of 17, Bob Yeager was recruited from a local college to interview at a telemarketing firm called Dial America. Within two hours of the initial job orientation and with no formal sales experience, Bob was asked to head up training of over 30 sales teams across the country in his unique approach to selling.

Recognized as a formidable sales trainer and professional, the famed Billy Mays began to train Bob in the art of the pitch and trade show events.

In 1998, Bob began to travel across the U.S. selling tickets to sold out Jim Rohn events with nothing but his car and $500 in his pocket. He returned with over $380,000 in commissions in his bank account.

Then, at the ripe age of 20, a $24 billion a year Robotics Firm asked Bob to help land a deal with the U.S. Navy building specialized computer manufacturing machines. The contract Bob landed yielded Aerotech Inc. an $18 million contract, paid up front, with future million dollar contracts pouring in from government agencies for the next 3 years.

Throughout all this success, little did any of the professionals Bob was working with know, but Bob had been battling a, then; 4 year battle with what was thought to be, terminal cancer that spanned another 4 years thereafter.

Through great odds, this young sales man who actually began selling from stage when he was only 12 years old, beat this “not so terminal” bout with cancer and found himself without a dime left after the hefty medical expenses and travel costs associated with overcoming this harsh and deadly disease.

In 2003, Bob was asked to write a politically stirring campaign to help raise capital for orphanages around Pennsylvania. The company Bob was doing this for was the acclaimed Hillman Foundation.

Shortly thereafter, Bob went on to work with the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, the MLB’s Pittsburgh Pirates and NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguin’s on many, if not most, of their charitable drives’ marketing campaigns.

In 2006, Bob turned his attention to the Internet where he helped Zacks Investment Management recruit high dollar portfolio clients into their accounts, Assisted in launching the $75 million in affiliate sales Delfin Knowledge System and created a private community of over 500 entrepreneurs within his World Entrepreneur Success Training Program (WEST) where he worked with and helped to take people from start up to success for the next 5 years.

In 2011, Bob turned his attention back to his roots and developed the Socratic Business System, Covert Sales System, Covert NLP and many other white label training programs for hundreds of companies around the world.

Today, although an acclaimed business and marketing strategist, sales trainer and Executive Performance and Choice Management coach…

…Bob spends a majority of his time with his wife and kids, working from his home office and doing what he loves to do most, working with a select handful of clients and building classic trucks, cars and tractors in his home shop.

If Bob isn’t working on your or his clients’ campaigns, you can find him in his garage with his kids, wrenching on their next project.

Bob has also been a practitioner and world competitor in the martial arts beginning at the early age of only 3 years old. Within this profession, at the age of 12, Bob was selling $10K meditation training programs to rooms filled with nearly 3000 martial arts masters around the world.

NOTE: He’s also a typical redneck and accepts the label kindly 🙂