Dear Dad, Merry Christmas


Dear Dad I know it’s a little early to write a Christmas letter to you, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner and, I know; this was your favorite time of year. We’re told that, with every year that goes by, it will get easier to miss you. But, I find it more difficult each year. When we lived next … Read More

I’m Broke and Waiting for Something Good to Come My Way

Something’s Gotta’ Give, Right? It’s a loaded question actually. We can’t expect something to give, until we’ve done some giving in the right direction. When you’re sitting there, over broke, over worked and under rested; you may be thinking, “But, I give all the time. I give to my family, to my friends, to my work… how much do I … Read More

The Gift I Get On Dad’s Birthday Each Year

Bob Yeager

“Don’t Complain, If it Don’t Hurt a Little You Ain’t Workin’!” We didn’t really know one another until I went to work with him that summer of my senior year in high school. Being the son of the foreman, you get treated like an outcast on the job, especially with the blue collar crowd, and he knew it. When I … Read More

When Old-School Meant Getting Good at Something

When Working for Experience Meant Something Years ago, in the mid nineties, I worked with a bunch of old school sales guys. Now, so this post doesn’t become a memorial to those famous guys who are now passed on, we’re going to leave this story to experiences instead of name dropping. The first sales gig I ever got was selling … Read More

Market Your Man-NESS!

A Lesson, A Rant, A Necessity Alright Fellas…YES, I’m speaking to the gentlemen out there; it’s time I get a little something off my chest. So, grab a beer and a healthy meat snack and sit in the man chair for a moment. Recently, my wife and I were at a sporting goods store preparing to invest in the ultimate … Read More

“Just Because!” Marketing

Sometimes We Market “Just Because” You may remember a time when you just fell in love with an idea, a product, a service, a company or person in the marketing world simply because what they had to offer to you SPOKE to your core. We all go through that and rightfully so. There is a tremendous amount of work and … Read More