Dear Dad, Merry Christmas


Dear Dad

I know it’s a little early to write a Christmas letter to you, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner and, I know; this was your favorite time of year.

We’re told that, with every year that goes by, it will get easier to miss you. But, I find it more difficult each year.

When we lived next to one another, not a day went by when we didn’t talk, hangout or work on something together. Now, I spend near entire days in silence and working on projects alone. It’s not easy, but you know I still talk to you while I’m working outside.


It wasn’t an easy choice, but I had to give up the cemetery business and we bought a little house on 5 acres in the country. You’d definitely love it here.

new-houseDon’t worry, I have a new shop on the land and I brought a few of your favorite toys with me. One day, when I first parked the tractors in front of the barn, I teared up so suddenly, I had to stop working for a little while. I just know you’d love seeing this and being here.

your-favorite-machinesIt may seem silly to some, but everyone, especially Belinda and I (my little sis for those who don’t know) know what those two machines meant to you and we have them up and running for decades more use. Actually, the spring after you passed, Samantha and Bobby helped me fix the Ford! They loved it so much and I know they feel you would be proud of them.

kids-working-on-tractorWith that, let’s talk about your grand kids for a bit.

Samantha is in the 4th grade this year and will turn 10 years old just after Christmas. She’s in a new dance school as well. Deciding that ballet wasn’t her thing, she’s decided to do Hip Hop and Jazz this year. You’d definitely be proud of the beautiful, elegant little young lady she is becoming. I know she misses you.

sammy-dancingBobby (or Number 3 as you liked to call him) joined the Boy Scouts this year and is well on his way to get his Lion Cub and Tiger Cub patches, simultaneously. He’s allot like you were. He likes math and he loves palling around with Daddy. He misses you allot!

bobby-missing-youBut, he’s a strong, proud and smart little man who lives everyday helping those around him and shaping up to be a fine little man. He’s going to make a great family guy some day, just like you were and taught me to be.

bobby-boyscoutsWe do miss being the “3 Bobs”, but I wanted you to know that we always feel like you are with us.

three-bob-yeagersAngie and I decided to make this a year of adventure for the family. You would have really loved some of the things we did together this past year. We went to Disney World, went Camping, did a few Boy Scout outings with the kids, did some ice skating and bought 5 acres of land on an old Horse Ranch. Things are really interesting and exciting. But, they are diminished a bit without you to share in this.

camping disney-adventure halloween ice-skating-with-the-family kids-and-santaTrust me when I say, we’re turning out (after these past 10 years) of being quite the little American family (without the dogma and politics) just like you always wanted to have happen for us.

Belinda and I get together, from time to time. That’s more than I can say for some of our other family. But, we keep in touch and she continues to keep me up to date with how Abriana and Mom are doing. It’s difficult living so far from one another, but I make it a point to drive up every few months and bring them to my house for a few days.

Don’t worry about me and Bel, we don’t get into (much) trouble 🙂

crazy-lil-sisWell…maybe 😛

I wish I could keep going on and on, but I do have some work that needs to get done. Just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you today and that I remember this was your favorite time of the year. Luckily, you get to be with Grandma and Pap this time around and I’m sure y’all have allot of catching up to do.

Like I said, I know I’m writing this letter a little early this year, but I wasn’t sure how long it takes for a letter to get to forever. So, I’m putting it out there in the ether!

We love you Dad, every single one of us and I’ll see you next in my dreams as happens often. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas


Bob Jr., Angie, Bobby III, and Sammy.

P.S. Belinda is the one in the middle below LOL!


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