“Just Because!” Marketing

Sometimes We Market “Just Because”

You may remember a time when you just fell in love with an idea, a product, a service, a company or person in the marketing world simply because what they had to offer to you SPOKE to your core. We all go through that and rightfully so.

There is a tremendous amount of work and time, sometimes expense, that goes into the creation, production and delivery of products and services. When this is OBVIOUS, you just want to talk about it. Perhaps it was a movie, a book or an event you went to and you just couldn’t restrain yourself from telling everyone about it.

That’s what I call “Just Because” marketing.

YOU are marketing that product, service, person or event just because it feels right, it got you excited or there was something there you couldn’t put into words but, you know people need to know about it.

Now, how many times have you seen folks advertising, literally paying; another person’s products or services? Plenty, of course.

But, have you ever dug deeper to find out the agenda behind the ad? Did they advertise out of the kindness of their hearts? Did the advertiser know the other person? Perhaps they purchased the product, fell in love with it and decided to become an affiliate.

Many times, they invest dollars into advertising because of a few things like:

  • It’s proven to be a well converting offer
  • They were invited to be a Joint Venture Launch Partner and there is a contest for whomever brings in the most sales or leads
  • The commissions are high and advertising costs are low in comparison to profit

These and many other reasons for advertising another person’s products or services is usually the case. Sadly, it’s rare if you see someone advertising, endorsing or promoting another person’s goods UNLESS there is a “what’s in it for me?” element to the process.

I’ve been conducting a test for a few months. You see, back in June, my father passed away and I wasn’t in the mood to conduct business as usual, so I only worked with a handful of people in a workshop environment. I only marketed that workshop to people I have worked with before and I actually like.

The workshop was conducted at very little expense to the attendees and very HEAVY effort on my part. I felt like I was giving back to those who needed the information and could benefit greatly, without charging my normal high investment price tag.

It felt good, but it wasn’t enough. I spent an entire month looking at what colleagues in the industry were creating and realizing there were many people who were creating fantastic content and services, yet if I put in a bit of effort (without even notifying them I was going to do so) maybe that could help them to help more people.

People like Vegas Vince, who understands the Barter and Trade world better than anyone I’ve ever spoken to. I didn’t know Vince personally, but I knew his Barter Arbitrage 2.0 was a fantastic experience and collection of knowledge that most entrepreneurs and people in  general could leverage to make their lives and businesses better.

There was no affiliate link for his products, PERFECT!

Barter Arbitrage 2.0

So I began to post on FB and Twitter about it. I purchased the product myself and have been studying and leveraging it AND I even paid to sponsor a few of my posts I made on Facebook about it. I didn’t tell Vince I was going to do this, I didn’t make or even try to make a commission from it and I KNOW quite a few people purchased it through my persistence and promotion of it.

Why did I do that?


I would do that for anyone I believe in. If they have an offer which could impact the lives of others, I would gladly endorse them without an agenda attached. There have been plenty of times I’ve endorsed names like:

  • Ken McArthur, who was the first person to ever invite me to speak on stage in front of an IM crowd
  • Rick Butts, who I’ve gained an extensive amount of knowledge from about writing my own books, public speaking and powerful promotion of myself and my message.
  • Ray Edwards, who’s faith, spirituality and message transcends that of the average copywriter/ marketer to allow us to integrate our beliefs, ethics, values and faith into our services.
  • Lee Collins, who’s open sharing of his journey as a self-made success continues to inspire and impact the lives of anyone who pays the slightest attention.

This is just a short list of my “Just Because!” recommendations. You have to understand this…

…in a traditional marketing capacity, all of these people and folks like Ben Adkins, Marlon Sanders and many others would be seen as competition to my business. But I see them all as gifts and assets to an ever-growing industry that needs more ethics, honesty and transparency.

You see, these folks may or may not know how they’ve impacted my life and the lives of others. They don’t know I was writing this post and MAY not even WANT to be spotlighted. But I do this JUST BECAUSE.

Because people need to know about them and what they do. Because, they contribute and they love doing it. AND…because folks like these continue to think about the value they deliver while being successful at it.

Today, below this post, speak of someone who has impacted you in life, business or in a positive way in general JUST BECAUSE… YOU CAN!

– Bob Yeager

4 Comments on ““Just Because!” Marketing”

  1. Cate Ferguson

    I would speak of one person who has impacted in my life in a positive way.

    I have to say it hasn’t always been comfortable. Usually because I was not comfortable.

    I also have to say it has always been enlightening.
    Usually Fun.
    Always useful.

    Without the input, support, knowledge and patience of this person I wouldn’t be doing what I do today and for that I am grateful.

    Without the above list of attributes my passions would never have been explored, my skills honed and my potential to learn, develop and continue to explore possibilities would have remained a mystery to me.

    Thank you Bob Yeager you are a treasure but I promise not to tell anyone.

  2. Lee Collins


    Thanks so much for including me in such wonderful company. I am humbled. And inspired.

    Why? That video was from a LONG time ago, and reminds me of everything I had going on at the time.

    That check was from an MLM that I was one of the first 20 to get into and I was able to bring in more than the other 19 people combined. It was nice compensation for just a little bit of work. And seeing it again reminded me of my direct mail business I had going on at the time, which led me to watching a video I did of our huge response to a mailing, which then led me to conclude “with as good as it worked using my proven process, why the heck did I quit doing it?”

    Well, as entrepreneurs, one of the “gotchas” we face is sometime we do get distracted and stop doing what works. It’s silly, but anyone who has something that worked greatly has faced the force of distraction.

    The trick is to just keep doing what works. And because of your post, and your kind words, I’m going to get back to my roots and start doing more of that.

    So, thank you my friend. You inspire me.

    Do great things,
    Lee Collins

    1. Bob Yeager

      Always a pleasure Lee, and a great idea to go back to basics. Most of what we do, in marketing, is all about the basics which have always worked for us. Everyone is guilty of sidetracking to do some sexy marketing, but it’s the traditional, plain and simple stuff that always gets the job done and fills the bank.

      Thanks Lee, you inspire me more than you know my friend!


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